Papillon Survivor Stories – VESTA

Vesta is a loving mother of 2 children, a hard worker, and dedicated follower of Christ.

She has been working at Papillon for nearly 10 years, most recently in the screen printing department. She is a quick learner and is always willing to lend a hand. It has been heartbreaking to see her struggle through serious health problems through the years. There are good days and there are bad days, but unless you know her well you couldn’t tell the difference. She always shows up ready to work with a smile, even on the worst of days.

In 2018, Vesta visited her doctor because she was experiencing rapid weight loss and extreme fatigue. Doctors ran tests and advised Vesta to have a breast exam. During the exam, doctors discovered two definitive lumps and noted some other areas of concern. An emergency lumpectomy was recommended.

Unfortunately, access to experienced doctors in Haiti is limited; and it’s even harder to find experienced doctors that won’t take advantage of patients by overcharging them. Vesta consulted 3 different physicians over 6 weeks before finally making her decision. It was difficult to stand by, knowing that her long-term health was more and more at risk with each passing day. However, it was imperative that Vesta felt safe and comfortable before going into surgery.

Papillon Empowerment was able to pay for all of Vesta’s medical bills and is prepared to help her through recovery and additional treatment. Her deep faith has carried her through this difficult time and we hope you will keep Vesta in your thoughts and prayers.