Men anpil, chay pa lou.

“Many hands make the load light”

– Haitian Proverb

Every month, artisans I have worked side by side with for years count on Papillon to support their families. They need to eat. They need to continue paying to send their children to school and they need to pay for their homes. I have been with them through their pregnancies and witnessed them raise those babies to toddlers and beyond. I have stood with some as they buried their children, buried their husbands, and I have seen them suffer through cancer, sickness and the daily struggle of life in Haiti. These are my friends. These artisans are my family.

Today I am asking you for help. Political protests and civil unrest has shut down the Haitian economy for over a month now. Our artisans need to get paid so they can carry on and this turmoil has made it impossible. I need some of my burden lifted… the load is just too heavy for me to bare alone this month. I have over 90 artisans that need to be paid and I’m asking you to consider sponsoring one of them for this month. Each salary is around $300.

I need an immense show of solidarity and support from my friends out there to get through this difficult time. If everyone who has ever believed in what we do, ever been to our café, ever been touched by seeing mothers and fathers empowered with jobs, could cover an artisan salary for the month, it would be such a huge blessing. “Men anpil, chay pa lou” is a Haitian proverb which means “Many hands make the load light”.

I need your hands to make my load lighter and help support our artisans. Will you consider coming alongside me today? Please consider becoming a sponsor by clicking an artisan’s picture. All donations are tax-deductible.

With a grateful heart –